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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Re: [DucatiST] Sons and riding


Caching up with emails so this may has been addressed, yep, ride with my son.  I usually lead because I go nuts watching him from behind.  Not that he's unsafe, he's a capable rider.  I just go nuts watching even farther ahead to make sure he's on top of the road/other drivers. Living in the DC metro area keeps me cautious.
When I'm in front I make sure I hit the best lines possible for him to follow but I do step it up a tad to keep him working. He's learned to "Ride his own ride.
He wasn't always good at that though, again not that he's a bad, he is capable.  Just that the first ride I ever went with him on when he was riding his own bike, when we turned and headed home my friend that was with us took off like a scalded cat.  Of course Johnathan being sixteen tried to stay with him.  When a ninety degree right turn came up he was still hard on the gas way late as I pulled alongside trying to signal to brake. I can still see his face intent on catching my friend Brian. 
I had his mother on the back of my bike. She never grasped what was going on until after I braked and made it through the turn and she saw him in the grass.  I was afraid I'd see him off but he was still riding!
He'd went wide in the turn and rode into the median.  He didn't fall as he careened through the grass and made his way back to the asphalt.  He never saw the sign mounted on a 4x4 piece of timber he cleared by less than two feet though. I gave him a good "what for" when I got him stopped. I was just glad he didn't fall and didn't hit that bigass post.
His decision making process' re: Red Mist, is much better now but I guess I'll always fret. Had a similar instance on the track with him once though.  That's where we press egos now.  :/
Still, best memories while riding are with him and we try to get out together every week or so. It's a good excuse to skip chores.

So I guess my answer is "No", sorta.  :)
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 Do any of you ride with your sons?  Does it turn into a race? ;)

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